BELGRADE TOUR 1 (2 hours)

The most vivid and direct way to enjoy the downtown area of modern Belgrade, mostly built after the year 1867, starting from the elegant Republic Square, continuing along the many historical buildings and numerous exclusive shops of Prince Michael (Knez Mihailova) Street and Students Square, concluding with a visit to the Orthodox Cathedral and a refreshment drink at the specific Balkan-styled “Question Mark” (“?”) Café. At choice, this tour also includes a guided visit to one of the central Museums – Ethnographic, Frescoes or Applied Arts one.

This walking tour includes: The House of Parliament, Old and New Royal courts, National Theatre, National Museum, Terazije Street, King Milan Street, Prince Miloš Street, St. Sava Temple, 25th of May Museum and  Belgrade Fortress.


This walking tour includes: The Belgrade Fortress situated on a promontory hill overlooking the confluence of Sava and Danube Rivers. The complex consists the Upper and Lower Town (gates, museums, monuments and churces) and the Kalemegdan Park with a unique and breathtaking view of the Sava & Danube rivers confluence, New Belgrade and Zemun. Hundreds of monuments, ramparts and gates, even a whole and one-of-a-kind Zoo lies within this green oasis in the historical core of the Serbian metropolis.

BELGRADE TOUR 2 (3 hours)

This walking tour includes: Belgrade Fortress, Prince Mihailo Street, Princess Ljubica Residence, Orthodox Cathedral, Patriarchate, „?“ (Question Mark) Café, Kosančićev venac Street, University Square, Republic Square and Terazije Street. 


This walking&panoramic tour includes: Belgrade sightseeing tour with NEW BELGRADE and ZEMUN

(Zemun used to be a separate settlement throughout the centuries, while the development of New Belgrade in the second half of the 20th century joined them together in a continuous urban area)

BELGRADE 1999 TOUR (3 hours)

This panoramic tour gives to visitors of our city the chance to see in person the sites hit by bombs and missiles during the 1999 deplorable and tragic air-raids campaign, ironically called “Angel of Mercy”. En route visitors will have the chance to see the Serbian Government, Police and Defense Ministries, Television, Central Committee Building, Chinese Embassy, Avala Telecommunication Tower, Jugoslavija Hotel, Air force Headquarters, Marshal Tito’s Residence and related Offices, Police Academy, including many details related to those events of eight years ago.

BELGRADE NIGHTLIFE TOUR (As long as you feel good)

This walking tour includes


Panoramic coach tour of the city, including all most important sights – Belgrade Fortress and Kalemegdan park, Vračar Common and St. Sava Temple, Slavija Square, Parliament House, Terazije street, Republic Square, Dedinje Hill with Tito’s Tomb, New Belgrade, Gardoš Hill, etc. Walking visit to the Fortress with is massive towers, walls and ramparts, and through the Kalemegdan Park, all the way to the panoramic view of the Sava & Danube rivers confluence. This tour includes another walking visit, to the Vračar Common and the St. Sava Temple – best spot to learn about the spiritual dimension of the Serbian nation.


Belgrade as seen from its two rivers on a boat cruise tour. Departure from the Danube tourist port in front of Jugoslavija Hotel. Panoramic sightseeing of the most outstanding places along the cruise, comprising everything visible on the banks of the Sava and Danube rivers from the boat, such as the Belgrade and Zemun fortresses, the bridges, the Great War Island at the rivers confluence, the Ada Island on the Sava River, including interesting details regarding numerous naval battles that took place in the course of history for taking over the control over Belgrade.