Serbia’s territory lies on hundreds of thermal curative water springs that heal all kinds of health problems. Experts say water will be one of the strategic future trump-cards of Serbia in the world economy. So far the ever developing facilities are catching-up the high-level healing capacity of our Spas, enabling us to includethem in our offer.

Vrnjačka Banja – Built by Prince Miloš in the 19th century, Vrnjci Spa has long been one of Serbia’s most popular European-style spas, whose curative mineral water springs were recognized since Roman times. The Spa boasts a beautiful location, clean air, microclimate and quiet lush landscaped gardens. It is certainly the largest and most famous one in Serbia, with the season lasting all-year-round.

Bukovička Banja has a spa and wellness program ideal for skin and body rejuvenation, skin regeneration, stress elimination, immune system enhancement, weight reduction and energy boosting. It is located 75 km from Belgrade in the small city of Arandjelovac.

Vrdnička Banja is located within Fruška Gora National Park, offers a wide range of luxurious Spa, massage and sauna treatments aimed at spiritual relaxation and regeneration of the body.

Banja Kanjiža, located 15 kilometers far from the Serbian-Hungarian border and 200 km from Belgrade is ideal place for recreation, entertainment and rehabilitation. Under the medical doctor’s surveillance, the rehabilitation is carried out in the thermal mineral waters having the temperature of 51–72°C. The water contains sodium, iodine, brome, hydro carbonates and it is sulfureous.

In Sokobanja, there are six springs of medical water, the gas radon and the air filled with beneficial ions. The Old Bath, as well as the new wellness centers, offer a variety of the treatments that heal and refresh. The Turkish Hammam from the 15th century, erected on the foundations of an almost-two-thousand-year-old ancient bath, is a symbol of the tourist center. Water is supplied to the Hammam from the two warm springs, and there is also a special room for inhalation radioactive water vapor.

Banja Vrujci is well known after its healing properties which are provided by mineral water and mud therapy, as well as pools with the healing water flowing through. Since the spa is located 92 km from Belgrade, it is attractive both for a longer rest and for day trips, for a relaxing break and weekend escapes.

Prolom banja, named after the neighboring village Prolom, is located in South Serbia, 290 km from Belgrade. Mineral water from Prolom Spa is a rare type of water with high balneology values used for treatment of digestive system diseases, cardiovascular, neurological and respiratory problems, diseases of the urinary tract, gynecological disorders, skin diseases, anemia, and conditions caused by injuries.

Banja Rusanda is located in Vojvodina, 90 km from Belgrade, on the north shore of the salty lake with the same name in Melenci settlement. Spa salty mud in Melenci was discovered in the past by the soldiers who used to come there for healing their wounds. This mud is also used to heal psoriasis.

Banja Ždrelo, popularly known as Mlavske terme is located in the vicinity of Petrovac on Mlava River, 130 km from Belgrade. Wellness Center takes you back to the time of Romans and Greeks. The Spa complex consists of a hotel, two semi-open swimming pools and four indoor pools. The warmest and most pleasant water in the indoor pool with slides is 40 degrees. Thermo-mineral water in the pools helps to treat psoriasis and other skin and rheumatic pains.

Niška Banja is located 10 km South-East from Niš, on the road to Sofia.Niška Banja with its 5 mineral water springs, has been included even in poetry as an imperative ofgood health:“The worm water of Spa in Niš is a total healthy bliss…” .
The healing characteristics of the water are intensified by the increasedconcentration of radon gas which has a beneficial effect, curing for high blood pressure, heart diseases, rheumatic disorders, fracture healing,respiratory and nervous system disorders, as well as gynecological problems.
Igalo is a suburb of  Herceg Novi , Montenegro, located at the entrance of the unique Bay of Kotor, deepest fjord-like gulf of the Mediterranean, beneath the slopes of Mount Orjen, tallest mountain around the Adriatic Sea. This geographic position creates a climate with mild, not very hot summers and rather warm winters, where it may snow only above the altitude of 400m. Igalo is regionally famous for its modernly developed Mediterranean Health Center. Due to many particular features, Igalo Spa is one of the unique hospitals and spas in the Balkans  and became one of the leading international centers for rehabilitation of children, adults and seniors, as well for the treatment of sports injuries, beauty and wellness programs…
The main healing element used here is the peloid (mud), extracted from the sea in the Bay of Igalo, and is characterized by high mineral contents and biologically active substances. Mud is created by deposition of mineral alluvium of the river Sutorina, its second significant healing element, due to the the chemical structure of several springs of mineral water close to the mouth of this river. Its content is dominated by minerals and bioactive substances, as well as chlorides, hydrocarbonates and sulphates. As third healing element, sea water, with participation of specific marine flora and fauna, significantly contributed by shallow depth of the sea, abundance of sun radiation, soft soil, favorable geo-hydrological and climatic factors. The therapeutical effect of the Igalo peloid has been proved, both experimentally and clinically, in large number of patients. Thanks to this, Igalo
developed into one of the largest and best peloid-based health resorts in the world.

Although not in Serbia, Igalo Spa is on our list of offered Spas for its successful treatment of a wide range of diverse prevention and health restoration programs, as well as wellness and recreational programs, which basically rely on the principles of modern medicine. Accommodation is provided within the facility or in one of the luxurious hotels of the area of Herceg Novi, one of the most visited resorts of Montenegro. The Tivat Airport is only 20 km away, while the famous Dubrovnik, Croatia resort is only at 45 km distance.