Serbia is a Republic of nearly 8 million population, more than ¾ being Serbs, a South-Slavic nation predominantly of Christian Orthodox faith, situated in the Central part of the Balkan peninsula. The tulburant history of the Balkans has brought many international migrations within the last 20 Centuries of history, bringing many a destruction and burdening locals with quite a lot of cultural differences and a specific mentality, still equally looking at the East and the West as their civilizational role models.

The South-Slavic nations that populated this particularly sensitive corner of Europe since the 6th Century AD, who were for a long time either occupied or influenced by neighboring Byzantines, Hungarians, Austrians and Venetians, struggled for their place under the Sun, even making a failed experiment to unite in the 20th Century. Torn apart by two varieties of Christianity, a situation made even more complicated since 600 years ago by the forceful advent of the Islamic Ottoman Turks, the Serbs managed to shape-up their faith, culture, language and alphabet, although having to face the lack of statehood for more than half of a millennium. After all of the misfortunes imposed by World wars, last but not least being the overwhelming demographic decrease the nation is facing in the last century, Serbia is catching up with Europe in all relevant fields.

On the individual level, let’s reiterate that the inventor, as well as the wife of the scientist of the 20th Century civilization, were Serbs by origin. Besides, the authors of the most perfect Calendar and Alphabet were also Serbs. We are a nation of top athletes, among the tallest nations of Europe, just throw any kind of ball among us and our small country becomes a World sports superpower! Our first Archbishop and founder of our national Church, St. Sava, in 1220 had asserted that „our destiny is to be the West of the East and the East to the West“ and devised our basic coat-of-arms by combining symbols of faith and knowledge…

Today we can offer to our visitors natural beauties, at least three interesting city-break destinations, a culinary wealth, a particular kind of affiliation to both European cultural poles, a hospitality that may keep the pace with any other nation, and much more… Prehistoric archeology, Roman heritage, our own still alive medieval monasteries, the recent social and national Yugoslavian ancestry are our most known features abroad. Spas, health care facilities opened to foreigners as well, skiing and sports centers, artistic festivals and events, national parks and ecological reserves, hunting and fishing opportunities – all these are significant bits of our rich tourist proposal to foreign visitors!