Numerous historical buildings, important by themselves, have become the home of over 40 Belgrade museums. Exhibitions in them present to us traces of several millenniums of life in this area of encounter and intertwining of cultures, civilizations and worlds. Belgrade also has about 50 art galleries, diverse in their concept, with challenging and inspiring exhibitions. Do not miss to take a peek in them, even if because of this you would have to extend your stay or decide to come again.


The National Museum

located on Republic Square, is the largest and oldest museum in Serbia. The permanent exhibition is divided into several collections – prehistoric and classical archeological collections, collections related to medieval culture and art, art collections of painters from the 18th to the 20th century, collection of works of art of foreign artists and a rich numismatic collection. In addition to other valuable exhibits, the Museum keeps Miroslav’s Gospel – the oldest and most valuable preserved document written in Cyrillic, from the 12th  century. Officially recognized as the most beautiful Cyrillic manuscript in the world, this Gospel is included in the UNESCO’s list “Memory of the World”.

Ethnographic Museum

Those interested in tradition and customs can visit the Ethnographic Museum. It houses a large number of ethnographic items, organized into separate collections: household items, jewelry, customs, folk costumes, national architecture, economy, cattle breeding, transport, as well as rite items. The permanent exhibition occupies three levels. On the first floor is the assemblage of Serbs and their folk culture, the second relates to creation of folk textiles, while the third level relates to traditional housing culture. Princess Ljubica’s Cottage and Manak`s House are integral parts of Ethnographic Museum, two pearls of urban architecture of old Balkans.

Museum of Contemporary Art

The Building of the Museum of Contemporary Art, situated in New Belgrade, on the left bank of the Sava River, is an interesting example of museum architecture worldwide. It is surrounded by a sculpture park with works by the most significant Yugoslav sculptors of the 20th century. The permanent display of the works is based on the reconstruction of historical periods, movements, tendencies, and individual phenomena in the Yugoslav art space.

Museum of Science and Technology

Interesting exhibits from the fields of science and technology are displayed in the Museum of Science and Technology, the place where you can touch the history of world science and inventions. Here you can also find lots of last century home appliances. It also offers a magical kids section that is tailored to ignite their imagination and fascination with scientific discoveries.

Nikola Tesla Museum

Tesla Museum is located in the central area of Belgrade, in the former residential villa of famous Minister of Interior who led the conspiracy against King AleksandarObrenović and his wife Queen Draga. Great inventor Nikola Tesla died in New York in 1943. His ashes are kept here in a glowing, golden orb. A short video gives a strong overview of this great man, before visitors get the chance to interact with some of his most famous inventions. The permanent exhibition contains original documents, books, journals, designs and drawings of the greatest Serbian inventor.