We offer specially tailored tours that will satisfy all those guests who would like to know more about the present-day urban life of Serbia. Depending on the tourists preferences, tours including the three largest cities of Serbia may be organized, touching the capital Belgrade, Vojvodina’s administrative center Novi Sad, as well as Niš, situated at the South-East important crossroads of highways and railroads. Each of these cities had a specific historical development, which is very well seen regarding their architecture, urbanism and time of liberation from the two empires that had left their mark here. Other cities, such as Subotica at the northern border, having a visible Hungarian heritage, Kragujevac in the very heart of the country, the first modern Serbian capital and industrial center, or Novi Pazar, a window to the oriental way of living, with its picturesque mosques and a bazaar that will remind you of Turkey. Last but not least worth visiting are Vršac, Užice, Sombor, Čačak, Kraljevo, Kruševac or Prijepolje. Priština, Peć or Prizren in Kosovo & Metohija are not to be missed, too.