Neighboring Countries

The diversity of the Balkan Region is given by the peculiarities of each area’s tourist offer, by the uniqueness of the natural landscapes, by the variety of the local traditions, the richness of the cuisines and local food products. The Balkan peninsula is a specific mixture of cultures, ethnics, religions, social, economic, and geographic diversity. There, you could be impressed by breathtaking archeological sites and greatest achievements of the Medieval and the Ottoman architecture, as well as with brilliant examples of the Habsburg era. Even the Balkans gastronomy will be unique taste and pleasure.

If you are interested to visit the neighboring countries Belgrade can be a starting point for other cities in Serbia and the Balkan Region. We would be very happy to offer you any Balkan Tour you would feel of your interest an choice.

Serbia is by its Constitution bordered by eight countries:

North of Serbia: Hungary
East of Serbia: Romania, Bulgaria
South of Serbia: (Northern) Macedonia
West of Serbia: Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina
South-West of Serbia: Montenegro, Albania